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Maiden Voyage

06 August 2007

1400 - With poodle Chianti as my crew, slipped from alongside the Specialty Yachts floats at Granville Island and motored out into English Bay under mostly clear skies with scattered cirro-stratus, 23o, 8-10 knots of southerly breeze and a slowly falling barometer. 

1420 - Throttled back to an idle, headed up into the wind and rolled out the main, the jib and the staysail, shut down the engine and fell off onto a port tack on a westerly course to clear Spanish Banks and the Point Grey bell buoy. Enjoyed a beam reach through rather busy traffic in slowly building winds.

1510 - Rounded the Point Grey bell buoy with southerly winds of 18 to 22 knots and pointed up to a close reach and continued on port tack out into Georgia Strait, with the autopilot steering 40o off the wind and making good 215o True and 8.3 to 9.0 knots with the ebbing current beginning to help us southward.

1650 - In position 49o 05' 50" North, 123o 28' 30" West, came about to a starboard tack and set the autopilot to steer a new course of 123o to clear Point Roberts. Winds still southerly but weakened a bit to 12-15 knots.

1920 - In position 48o 58' 02" North, 123o 04' 00" West, off Point Roberts with the winds back up to over 20 knots. Flashed-up the engine, came up into the wind, rolled in the sails and prepared to enter port.

1940 - Entered Point Roberts Marina and secured starboard side to alongside the US Customs float and shut down to allow Chianti to visit the grass and for me to clear into the United States.

1955 - Flashed-up and motored to Sequitur's new home in the marina.

2000 - Secured starboard side to in the slip and shut down.

This first sail in Sequitur came thirteen-and-a-half months after I ordered her and six months after she first arrived in Vancouver for her fit-out and commissioning, so this day was long anticipated. The weather conditions could not have been better; they took us 39 miles from False Creek, through English Bay, around Spanish Banks, Point Grey, Sturgeon Bank, Roberts Bank and Point Roberts with a single tack, and all but the first mile-and-a-half and the last half mile were under sail in winds of 8 to 22 knots. We enjoyed five hours of sailing at an average of 7.5 knots and Sequitur showed me how capable a vessel she is and how very easy she is to sail and manoeuvre single-handed. I look forward to many more wonderful adventures in her.


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