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Michael was born and raised along the south eastern shore of New Brunswick, Canada. He left home at eighteen and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force, where he worked as an Aero Engine Technician with Search and Rescue and later trained as a Pilot.

After six years he transferred to the Navy and trained as a Bridge Watchkeeping Officer. In 1975 he was granted his Certificate of Service as Master of a Foreign-Going Steamship. His last few years in the Navy were spent training junior officers. Among his spare-time pursuits was exploratory mountaineering, and from the mid-60s to the early 80s, he made hundreds of ascents, including over six dozen first-ascents on four continents.

After eighteen years of service he resigned his commission in 1981 and settled in Vancouver to pursue his hobbies and to prepare to sail off over the horizon. He established himself in the wine industry, initially as a consultant, then as a writer, as an educator and as an importer. During this time, he also rekindled his boyhood hobby of coin collecting and developed his interest into a multi-million-dollar one-man company. He served as president of the Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers and as president of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association.

Boats and the sea seem to be in his blood, and he attributes this to his having been conceived aboard his fatherís commercial schooner, Nelly J King. Michaelís first boat was a 16-foot cedar lapstrake rowboat with a rotten transom, which he removed and converted the remains into a 14-foot leeboard yawl with canvas sails on lumberyard spars, fittings and rigging. His subsequent boats were more seaworthy, and included Tastevin, a 48-foot ketch out of Vancouver, Lady Jane, a 45-foot Dutch steel cruiser on the French canals and Dawn Dreamer, a 48-foot motor yacht out of Vancouver. He has been an active volunteer in The Canadian Power and Sail Squadron, having instructed and served as the Training Officer and as the Commander of the Vancouver Squadron.

In April 2006 Michael realized that a quarter century had passed since his retirement from the Navy and that he still wanted to sail off over the edge of the earth; however, his wife of twenty-two years did not want to share the adventure, and they agreed to separate. At the end of June 2006, after exhaustive research, he ordered a new Hunter 49.

He took possession of Sequitur in July 2007 and spent the summer, autumn and winter shaking her down and single-handing her in fair weather and foul. Realizing that it was time to begin seriously searching for a companion to share his dream of sailing off, he posted on a couple of internet sites that focus on crew looking for boats / boats looking for crew:

ďI am healthy, physically fit and very young for my age. I retired as a Canadian Naval Officer in 1981 after eighteen years of service and have spent the past quarter century creating and running entrepreneurial businesses. Now it's time to play!

In June 2006 I ordered a new 50-foot sailboat with all the modern conveniences and creature comforts. I took delivery of her in July 2007 and since then I have been getting to know her and how she handles a wide variety of weather conditions from calm to stormy.

My intention is to sail off over the horizon, with no needs, no itinerary and no schedule. By the summer of 2009, I will have wound-down my last company, sold my Vancouver house, bought some holding property for later and moved aboard in preparation for heading out. Sequitur is fully capable of being single handed; however, I would prefer to share my adventures with a like-minded woman.

Openness, honesty and kindness are essential. An exploratory nature and a thirst for adventure are very important, as is the physical ability to satisfy that thirst. I am looking for a companion, a friend and a soul mate.Ē

After months of communicating with the many respondents and flying, driving and sailing to meet over a dozen of them, Michael was still without his desired companion. He continued to search, knowing that somewhere the right woman was looking for him.

Edi was born in Holland , raised in South Africa and speaks Dutch, Afrikaans and English. At the age of eighteen she moved to Canada on her own, landing in Toronto with $70 and an eagerness to explore her independence. She worked as a bank teller and later as an airport agent for Canadian Pacific Airlines. There she met Peter, who was also an agent for CP Air. TheyAmy&Gen.jpg (41704 bytes) married and soon after transferred to Vancouver and continued to work while raising their daughters, Amy and Genevieve.

They made very frequent use of their staff passes to travel with the children, exploring dozens of countries on six continents, with such destinations as South Africa, Morocco, Iceland, Easter Island, China, Nepal, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand and on such adventures as bicycling through Japan, England and the Loire, Rhone and Midi regions of France.

Edi returned to school for a three year course, graduating from Capilano College as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator. Peterís early death from cancer left Edi with two adolescent daughters to raise on her own. 

Edi-Buda.jpg (66883 bytes)After her daughters had finished high school and had left home to go on to university, she bought a house near the water on Vancouver Island, where she had the time to explore her artistic talents. She is an accomplished clay artist, creating among other things, exquisitely expressive and wonderfully glazed Budas and faces. 

Extensive sea kayaking and some sailing with friends kindled in her a love of the sea, and this combined with her broad travel experience, spawned a desire for more sailing adventures. In mid-April 2008 she bought a one-month placement of the following profile on a British website looking for a boat:

ďA gentle artist who has traveled the world extensively and has visited 80 countries is looking for a kind skipper to teach her the ropes. I have spent three and a half months on a catamaran in the Caribbean and have sailed in mono hulls off Vancouver Island .

I am courteous, kind and considerate, a non smoker and limited drinker. Iím looking for the same in a skipper. My passions are laughing, warm weather, bare feet, a bathing suit and the sea.Ē

At the end of April, while scanning through lists of "boats seeking crew", Edi came across a Canadian boat in Vancouver and she decided to contact Sequitur and her skipper. Michael was interested in meeting, but Edi was leaving a few days later for two weeks on a boat in Mexico and was also planning to join a boat in Trinidad in early June. A flurry of emails ensued, and after her return three weeks later from Mexico, Edi and Michael met in Vancouver.

Chianti is a Miniature Poodle, born in 1993 of Show Champions. Because she was the runt of the litter, and would likely be too small for competition, her kennel offered her to Memory and Michael. Chianti bonded to both of them equally and accompanied them frequently to Europe on wine buying trips and later to play on Lady Jane, the canal boat. Because of her small size, she was able to fly with them in the first class cabin, and she knows how to sit with patient dignity under the tables in the best of restaurants. She has sniffed her way through more than a dozen countries.

Chianti had joint custody of Memory and Michael after their separation, but after two years of traipsing between houses, she eventually chose to live full-time with Michael. At 16 years of age, she is still healthy, fit and agile with very high spirits, though she has become quite deaf and rather nearsighted. Statistics show that fewer than 3% of poodles live to 16, so when we sail off on the 1st of October, she will be on her final cruise.

[On a sad note, two days before our departure Chianti passed away. Her lively spirit travels with us.]

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